The “Whisky Elements” series pays tribute to the five main elements which play a significant part in the whisky production process. Each bottle represents one of them. The person responsible for label design is Monique Tromp-Slegers (Whisky-Arts), a Dutch artist who combines her two greatest passions – whisky and art – to create unique works of art dedicated to the water of life.

The bottle of whisky, which you are holding in your hands reveals the last element of our series – The Barley. It’s one part of the holy trinity (besides water and yeast) that makes malt whisky. There are many varieties of barley used in the whisky industry, but the most popular are Golden Promise, Minstrel, Concerto, and Optimum. Almost all distilleries source their barley from external suppliers, but few like The Balvenie grow a proportion of their own barley locally.



Zapach: bardzo intensywna słodycz, świeże zielone jabłko, duża ilość pomarańczy, ciasto cytrynowe, jogurt waniliowy
Smak: crème brûlée, sorbet pomarańczowy, laska wanilii, kokos, subtelny smak dębiny
Finisz: średnio długi, rozgrzewający, z odrobiną karmelizowanych pomarańczy


Wiek 28 lat
Moc 48.4 %
Beczka Refill bourbon hogshead
Data destylacji 30.10.1991
Data butelkowania 04.11.2019
Ilość butelek 204 szt.
Cask Strength TAK
Cena RRP 750 PLN